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Teaching Women Effective Communication With Men

What We Do

We teach women effective communication skills that will transform your relationship

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Ladies! Discover how you have the power to greatly improve your relationships with the men in your life.

Become empowered by transforming your communication style.


Learn the Biblical values of communication between men and women. Grow in your faith with God and in your relationships with the men in your life.

Be Adored

Discover the innocent mistakes women make that shuts down a man's desire to cherish and adore us. And how you can
turn this around!

Upcoming Class

Irresistible and Irreplaceable 

Join us for a 6 week, in-person class!


  • Tools that restore the love, romance, & communication.

  • How to bring out the generous giver, protector, & provider in him. 

  • Priceless information about men that they will never tell you. 

  • Your God-given feminine qualities that are irresistible to men.

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Pamala Kissel

I never had a clue why men do the things they do and how my actions and words could be so destructive to my boyfriend, Steve. Trying to communicate with him was so frustrating! Taking the “Secret Strategies” Seminar was so powerful – I immediately took home tools from the first class. I could not believe how, with practice, I could not only get my needs met, but Steve was much happier with me. It has changed my life! It can make a difference in anyone that dares to be happy and fulfilled with the one they love.”

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Dana Lyn

Working as much as I do, it was very hard to meet a man, much less have a great relationship with one. With Keri’s unique program, I was able to find the time and experience the value of having romance in my life again. I am now in an amazing relationship with a man that adores me – just the way I am. With the communication tools Keri shared with me, I have a newfound respect for him. We are so happy and have a strong bond we cherish.”

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Christina Taylor

When I came to the seminar, I was depressed and frustrated. My husband was staying silent for days and would snap at me. Jeorge felt like I was picking on him. After the first class, things changed – I was amazed! He stopped snapping and no longer goes silent on me. After 17 years of marriage, we are getting along better than ever thanks to all I learned from Keri and Dr. Sherie.”

Success Stories

Irresistible and Irreplaceable
Class Testimonials
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